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Thread: Wanting to start a FW army, not sure what to pick.

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    Wanting to start a FW army, not sure what to pick.

    I'm looking to start a forge world listed army as some have caught my fancy and their fluff and such seems really interesting. Not sure what to go with though as i'm down to a choice of 3.

    1st choice = Chaos renegades and Heretics. From IA: 5-7 siege of vraks books. Seems an interesting choice as normal IG don't interest me as much but would like to try them out and this seems like a more interesting way to do so. I'd more than likely go for the Nurgle themed army as well i like Nurgle the most and seems to be the most challenging and interesting to paint and model. Plus if i go with These guys i'd be able to play some real Siege of Vraks scenarios with my friend who has a krieg army.

    2nd choice = Tyrants Legion IA: 9 The badab war pt1. This is the choice i am finding myself drawn to the most, it mixes SM with guard nicely, has really interesting background to them and well Lufgt Huron is badass :P And has a badass looking model. I like the idea of the army too with the whole IG conscripts being nothing more than meat shields for an elite fighting force of Space Marines. Plus they can have 20 man squads of marines and get to use IG tanks which i really like the look of.

    3rd choice = Space marine Seige Assault Vanguard. IA: 10 The Badab war pt2. This is another army that has really drawn my attention, i already have marines so it would be the easiest for me to play and is set apart from normal SM with some really interesting options and being able to take ironclad dreads as troop choices. I love the idea of a siege force and i think taking this army and also making them Imperial fists or pre heresy iron warriors (as they were the siege specialists for SM). I love the list layout and tactical options of this list the most i feel, as it would also require the least effort to get to grips with also.

    Option 4 = Any other ideas if things? I guess if you read the above you might have an idea of what i'm looking for so maybe you could help advise me on something?
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