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Thread: Blood in the Badlands

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    Blood in the Badlands

    Edited as it goes:
    V0.4 up 27/07/2014

    So, that book is cool. Anyway. There's obviously a distinct lack of race-specific siege gear to be found in it.
    What is there:


    Empire: Stank ram upgrade

    Skavens: magma warpcanon
    Vampires: ghost things (not gonna try and find the english translation, sorry )

    And... that's it.


    But we got themed stuff that could be attributed to species in case there was one option per race:

    dwarfs: dwarf brewery
    Empire: Altar of Sigmar

    VC: haunted ... chatelet?
    WoC/DE/demons? tower of blood


    So there's room for improvement. Now I know this forum is, at best, pretty much ignored by everybody, so I'm not going to spend hours on rules as long as I'm not going to have the opportunity to play a siege game, but I can at least get the ball running and see if anything will come up at all.

    My first idea's a pretty simple one really: make all the artillery choices available as gear choices (say brets can spend all their allowance in trebuchets, HE in RBT, goblins in spear chukkas, etc). Obviously, though, a straight point conversion won't work. Everything must cost way more than what they actually cost in the normal list. What do you think should be the upping factor? x10? I feel things like the WoC hellcanons should be allowed to be taken at least twice in a 2k pts siege, though.
    Well anyway, let's see if this goes anywhere at all. i'm not going to lead or anything. If people post, that's great. If they don't, well, the topic will die a silent death as usual. I'm not going to engage in a dialogue with one guy interested in it and that's it, though, there's no point. If it lives, I'll just drop my opinion as a regular poster if anything comes up, but that's it. I just thought it was sad that nobody even tried, because this book is pure hobby material, and, well, the hobby side of WFB should be kept going.
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