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    Army Books by Release

    Hey Everyone,

    I'm trying to compose a list of Army Books by their release dates (not exact but general time such as the month or even the season).

    I started this with what I knew and some people helped out with references to other pages but a large portion of this, thus far can be attributed to Tymell's post with a timeline of fantasy releases so if you find this thread moot just let it sink. I personally like it because I don't care when most models came out just the rulebook so I suppose it can be concise for that reason. I have also included external books/games such as Blood in the Badlands and Storm of Magic for reference (I've known people who tried to do Lustria campaigns recently without modifying the rules at all for 8th edition and it doesn't work well)

    The colors are coordinated by edition.

    *Lizardmen (August 2013)
    *High Elves (May 2013)
    *Daemons of Chaos (March 2013)
    *Warriors of Chaos (February 2013)
    *Empire (April 2012)
    *Vampire Counts (January 2012)
    Blood in the Badlands (December 2011)
    *Ogre Kingdoms (September 2011)
    *Tomb Kings (May 2011)
    Storm of Magic (July 2011)
    *Orcs and Goblins (March 2011)
    *Warhammer Fantasy 8th Edition (July 2010)

    *Beastmen (February 2010)
    *Skaven (November 2009)
    Lizardmen (February 2009)
    Warriors of Chaos (November 2008)
    *Dark Elves (August 2008)
    Daemons of Chaos (May 2008)
    Vampire Counts (March 2008)
    High Elves (November 2007)
    Talisman (October 2007)
    The Empire (January 2007)
    Orcs and Goblins (October 2006)
    Warhammer Fantasy 7th Edition (September 2006)

    *Dwarfs (January 2006)
    *Wood Elves (September 2005)
    Lustria (May 2005)
    Ogre Kingdoms (January 2005)
    Storm of Chaos (June 2004)
    *Bretonnia (February 2004)
    Beasts of Chaos (August 2003)
    Lizardmen (May 2003)
    Tomb Kings (January 2003)
    Hordes of Chaos (June 2002)
    Skaven (March 2002)
    High Elves (January 2002)
    Dark Shadows (August 2001)
    Dark Elves (June 2001)
    Vampire Counts (April 2001)
    Dwarfs (January 2001)
    Orcs and Goblins (November 2000)
    The Empire (October 2000)
    Warhammer Fantasy 6th Edition (October 2000)

    Vampire Counts (June 1999)
    Dogs of War (September 1998)
    Warhammer Siege (August 1998)
    Champions of Chaos (May 1998)
    Realm of Chaos (January 1998)
    High Elves (May 1997)
    Lizardmen (February 1997)
    Warhammer Magic (December 1996)
    Bretonnia (November 1996)
    Warhammer Fantasy 5th Edition (October 1996)

    Wood Elves (May 1996)
    Catacombs of Terror (November 1995)
    Dark Elves (July 1995)
    Lair of the Orc Lord (July 1995)
    Dragon's Tower (June 1995)
    Warhammer Quest (April 1995)
    Arcane Magic (February 1995)
    Chaos Dwarfs (December 1994)
    City of Adventure (November 1994)
    Dungeon of Doom (September 1994)
    Chaos (August 1994)
    Talisman (July 1994)
    Undead (May 1994)
    Skaven (December 1993)
    Dwarfs (June 1993)
    Orcs and Goblins (April 1993)
    Talisman Dragons (April 1993)
    High Elves (February 1993)
    The Empire (January 1993)
    Battle Magic (December 1992)
    Warhammer Fantasy Battles 4th Edition (October 1992)

    Terror in the Dark (November 1991)
    The Lost and the Damned (November 1990)
    Advanced Heroquest (December 1989)
    Heroquest (August 1989)
    Talisman City (August 1989)
    Slaves to Darkness (October 1988)
    Warhammer Siege (May 1988)
    Talisman Timescape (February 1988)
    Warhammer Fantasy Battles 3rd Edition (February 1988)

    The Talisman Dungeon (August 1987)
    Ravening Hordes (May 1987)
    Talisman the Adventure (October 1986)
    The Talisman Expansion Set (May 1986)
    McDeath (April 1986)
    Terror of the Lichemaster (January 1986)
    Talisman (December 1985)
    Warhammer Fantasy Battles 2nd Edition (December 1984)

    Forces of Fantasy (March 1984)
    Talsiman (November 1983)
    Warhammer Fantasy Battles 1st Edition (May 1983)

    (Any helpful info or links is appreciated) (I'll include *s by the ones that are the current army book)

    Thanks to the following people for help thus far:
    lbecks (referring me to the Wikipedia page I forgot about)
    mrtn (referring me to the the timeline that will probably become the majority of the page...heh)
    Tymell (for actually making the aforementioned timeline)
    Danny76 (Orcs and Goblins 7th Edition)
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