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    A HeroQuest painting log

    I recently picked up a used copy of the Swedish edition of HeroQuest on eBay - opening up the box really brought back some memories!

    The game was in good condition overall and only one closed door was missing. Some of the miniatures were painted however (not very well I'm afraid), so I decided to spray the whole lot white in an attempt to paint the contents myself.

    Just note that this will be a rather slow log since I have a son (aged 4 months) that demands most of my attention! Maybe it'll all be painted by the time I can play it with him...

    "HeroQuest - spännande äventyr i en magisk värld" (HeroQuest - exciting adventures in a magical world) was the Swedish title for this great game when it came out back in 1990.


    The Heroes:

    1 Wizard - Finished
    1 Barbarian - Finished
    1 Dwarf - Finished
    1 Elf - Finished

    The Monsters:

    8 Orcs - Finished
    6 Goblins - Finished
    3 Fimir - Finished
    4 Chaos Warriors - Finished
    1 Chaos Warlock - Finished
    1 Gargoyle - Finished
    4 Skeletons - Finished
    2 Zombies - Finished
    2 Mummies - Finished

    The Furniture:

    3 Treasure Chests
    Weapon Rack
    2 Tables
    Torture Rack
    2 Bookcases
    Alchemist's Bench
    Sorcerer's Table

    Return of the Witch Lord

    8 Skeletons
    4 Zombies
    4 Mummies

    Kellar's Keep

    8 Orcs
    6 Goblins
    3 Fimir

    I'll start with something easy - the Skeletons! I wonder how it will feel to paint some fantasy miniatures again after ten years of 40K painting...

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