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Thread: [WHQst] Forgotten dungeons of old.. (large compilation images)

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    [WHQst] Forgotten dungeons of old..

    One major thing to restart my passion for Warhammer Quest was the the idea of a 3D dungeon. The person responsible for this resurgent zest? This French lad's work : Building 3D Dungeons using Hirst Arts Molds. Since I discovered that in 2009, there has been many, many examples since. But he's the lad who started the boulder rolling.

    He based it off Warhammer Quest and the old wonder game, Heroquest. Two of my personal top favourite boardgames. Besides my Tau and a handful of Marines, my WQ characters and beasties were always the majority of my collection.

    Suitably inspired, I've been renovating figures and currently have several on the go with about 90% completion on most, bases yet to be decided. (recently began switching to round bases)

    My collection includes villagers, encounter NPCs, scenery items and all sorts of curious things. Naturally heroes and villainous types are present to populate the dungeons. Since I began this in 2009 over on Advanced Tau Tactica, I've decided to move wholesale into this forum due to the active community of dungeon divers here. So you get to see everything in a couple of posts that took several years of collecting and randomly painting.

    So like a halfling at a cake sale, lets be about it! (Beware big post ahead...)

    The Heroes :

    A myriad of heroes, from various producers and across twenty years of miniature hobby, I particularly sought out the Wood Elf at the end, he is very similar to the Heroquest elf, my favourite character. Finished to a point at which I was happy to leave it, until I base each and do the final touches to blend them into their base colours.

    The Villagers and Town Guard :

    You probably recognise a host of classic models, and advanced heroquest henchmen. I've always liked their simple design, making them the perfect nondescript NPC guards for any encounter. All of these and the heroes above are being swapped to round bases. Suits Quest better I feel (after much internal debating).

    Monsters next..
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