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Thread: It is not easy predicting the future.

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    It is not easy predicting the future.

    Following recent events ....

    In an effort to show how tricky it is to predict anything very much with any accuracy and to demonstrate how much I get wrong. ....

    What follows is what I put together back in September 2011 (from various snippets) and shared with some guys back in October ... it is more or less word for word.

    You will see there are a lot of "?" in what follows.

    I had heard some very dodgy rumours regarding 40K releases in January ... non of those happened.
    Whilst I had Tau in as the first release of 2013 ... I also had it in with a ? against it in the first half of this year as I had heard this from a couple of people but was not convinced. I had heard March/April for Empire and was not sure which. LotR stuff started sooner than I thought. Next scenery came sooner than I thought. I had heard Eldar v's Chaos from two of the most reliable folks I ever hear stuff from .... but now it looks like that was wrong too .... (Never bet against hastings ... ever!) ... Read on.

    "This is what I think is going on. (I put this together after GD)
    You can see whilst I am confident of a release order ... it is a bit more tricky getting the month right.

    Fantasy Release Order:

    40K Release Order:
    Chaos Space Marines. (Just before or right after 6th)

    Sisters of Battle, Black Templars and waves or bits and bobs for Necrons/Nids/SW and IG also being worked on or done that need releasing somewhere?

    Hobbit and bunch of other stuff for LotR (including Legions etc).

    Nov : Necrons
    Dec : Fantasy Terrain

    Jan : 40K Bits and Bobs. IG tank/T. Wolf cavaly/Finecast characters?
    Feb : Vampire Counts (Jan Or Feb) New paints Necron 2nd wave? (or later)
    Mar : Empire? Tau?
    Apr : Tau? Empire? More fantasy scenery.
    May : Tau? LotR stuff
    Jun : Tau? Chaos Space Marines.
    Jul : 6th edition.
    Aug : Warriors of Chaos
    Sep : Starter set : Eldar v’s Chaos?
    Oct : First 6th edition release? Space Marines? (Collective assumtion ... I don't think so.) Chaos space marines? (My guess)
    Eldar Second 6th edition release!
    Dec :


    First 40K release of 2013 (Feb?) Tau.
    More Nids Could be 2012 (Tervigon ??? Harpy??? I mentioned before)
    Sisters of Battle. Could be in 2012? (Heard at one time they were to be the first 40K release of 2012)"

    Obviously I now know lots of this was wrong ... but this is what I started with.
    It is amazing I get anything right at all.

    Still don't know what happened to Sisters of Battle.
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