This is my first thread so the introduction will probably be long winded.

I am about to start a new Space Marine chapter. They have the following trait advantages/ drawbacks: Take the fight to them, be swift as the whind and flesh over steel and I don't remember the other draw back, some help please reign in blood. This will probably appear here later.

Reign in Blood and I worked in collaboration over this chapter, we came up with the name "Blazing Suns" and we came up with fluff that I haven't typed up as the traits will alter the idea of that fluff. I was chatting to a GW staffer today whilst buying the space wolves battle force to use for this chapter,(the blood claws and rhino are especially helpful) and stated that they were blazing orange with a desert planet background, he then came up with a name that tickled my fancy "Desert Puppies." I was thinking maybe not puppies but wolves, then they can be a successor of the Space Wolves chapter.

I am getting to the please point bare with me.

Reign in Blood wanted to change the chapter symbol from a wheel with wings to I don't know what. I was thinking if we used "Desert Wolves" we could adapt the Space wolf iconography. He said if I liked the name why not just collect space wolves, I think their colours are too boring and grey and I like the orange scheme, it works.

The point of this thread; which name do you think would sound better one, and two: suits the chapter, some elaboration on answers would be appreciated also. Your help will be appreciated.