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    Re: The early bird...

    Quote Originally Posted by RandomThoughts View Post
    Quick question at Harry:
    I'm just curious, you just went out of your way to make it clear to all of us how much salt every single rumor demands, yet here you are pretty much taking everything Darnok said at face value. Is it because of an awesome track record (I wouldn't know, still being fresh to the rumor business), or how come?
    Well he is generally awesome however when you have already know stuff and someone posts the same stuff or even stuff where some of it matches exactly what you have heard it makes it a good bit easier to sort out the wheat from the chavs ... I mean chaff.
    Stuff fits with what I know to be true or it doesn't. I get it wrong from time to time and throw my weight behind something that is complete nonsense .... but themz rumorz.

    Quote Originally Posted by Archibald_TK View Post
    But packaging may not be synonymous with a Codex release in that case but maybe a small wave in the near future à la Eldar Weapon Platform?
    Yes. you are right in fact I have even heard (and I think posted) that I wouldn't be surprised if we saw something for tau ahead of the full codex release. So that could be whats going on here. So on my other schedule where I had Tau with the ? that might be right for a small release.

    Quote Originally Posted by BramGaunt View Post
    Even though it drastically crashes with what Iheard, if I interpret Harry's info correctly, I would say we see Tyranids in march, something Warhammer related in april, Necrons in may, Warhammer again in June, and then 6th.

    Only speculation, though.
    Damn, your good.

    This was my updated list around christmas time.
    (Although I still had Eldar and CSM as the starter set until hastings said different last week).
    As you can see I still had no idea where CSM was released. Just that they are first.
    and I heard the wrong name for the scenery ... must have got lost in translation.

    Jan : Vampire Counts
    Feb : Lord of the Rings relaunch. Fantasy scenery “Deathwatch knell” / Necrons?
    Mar : Tyranids and more LotR stuff?
    Apr : Empire
    May : Necron wave and more LotR stuff?
    Jun : Chaos Space Marines?
    Jul : 6th edition.
    Aug : Warriors of Chaos / Chaos Space marines?
    Sep : Starter set : Dark Angels v’s Chaos
    Oct : Chaos space marines?
    Dec :
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