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Thread: ewar's Tomb Kings - The Emerald Legion of Dja

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    ewar's Tomb Kings - The Emerald Legion of Dja

    Hey all,

    My first plog of 2012 and also my first new fantasy army in 3 years. This time it's the Nehekharan undead, which will hopefully make a change from all those other undead plogs and their squishy zombies. The goal is to have 3,000pts painted by the end of the year and to take them to a GT, though I haven't decided yet which one. I'll also be taking part in a mini 3 person escalation campaign, based on Blood in the Badlands, but as we don't get to play too often it won't be the fastest moving campaign you've ever seen! Still, should be good for motivating those small updates.

    I will only be buying more minis when the last lot are painted - I've suffered from bulk purchase syndrome in the past, which has meant boxes of unpainted (even unopened) models - avoiding that is priority number one...

    Anyway, so far the list is made up as follows:

    Green = painted
    Yellow = built
    Red = bought

    Tomb Prince Sekhmet (from warsphinx)
    Hierophant High Liche Priest Neheb (using Apophas model cos he's an amazing sculpt)
    Herald BSB, Necrotect, 4 Priests, 2 Royals
    Liche Priest Thesh
    26 Warriors

    24 Warriors
    23 Archers
    7 Archers
    3 Chariots
    Necrolith Colossus
    2 Tomb Scorpions

    3 Chariots
    7 Horse Archers
    3 Necro Knights
    1 Warsphinx
    1 Necrosphinx

    Casket of Souls

    I'm still working out a colour scheme, but here is a pic of the tester skellie I painted today. Quite pleased with him (especially considering how quickly he was painted! Compared to my LM this is going to be unbelievably fast progress). The colour for the army will be black with dark green shading for clothes, gems and constructs. I'm also trying to paint verdigris on the equipment, as I want them to look old and decrepit. Shields will obviously be added at the end...

    Let me know your thoughts.


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