One thing really bugs me in Warhammer.

One thing above a myriad of niggly little things. Just one. One idiotic rule that I feel can ruin an otherwise fun game of Warhammer.

Allocation of attacks.

I hate it. I hate it more than I hate Jimmy Carr. And thats a lot, when you consider I despise him more than I despise Chris Moyles.

I hate it because there is no honour in it at all. For instance, time was that if you wanted to kick my generals teeth in, you had to catch him on his own (well, on his Manticore) or...shock horror...issue a challenge to him in combat. Not any more. Now, not only can you hardnut have a pop at him, but he can bring some friends too!

And I LOATHE it. Whats wrong with a good, old fashioned challenge? Two turbo nutters seeking each other out in the midst of the melee, and duking it out until one is left broken and beaten in a pool of their own blood? Are you scared girly man? Think the skinny, mincing elf might slap you down in front of your mates?

I seriously hope that the ability to allocate attacks against specific models, and not just regiments is dropped for 7th Edition. It's not fun. Not fun at all! And if not, how about some kind of negative Combat Resolution for refused challenges? After all, your general has just shown himself to be a big girls blouse!