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Thread: Shadow Over Grimdark Innsmouth - A Genestealer Cult Log

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    Shadow Over Grimdark Innsmouth - A Genestealer Cult Log


    Hello fellow Warseer peeps.

    I've had the beginnings of a Genestealer cult for a good six years or so, but never really got around to doing anything with the models. Until now!
    So without further ado, some pictures:

    My first batch of Brood Brothers
    I'm deliberately trying not to use too many colours, and intend to paint relatively quickly and in bulk so that I actually stand a chance of making progress at a reasonable pace...

    Some cultists with guns

    Second generation hybrids

    And some work-in-progress shots:

    More Brood Brothers (I think I'll be making a LOT of these guys)

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