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Thread: A little Dark Angels something... maybe Templar something...

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    A little Dark Angels something... maybe Templar something...

    Well, I was busy on the GW website, changing root numbers and I changed this:

    Into this:

    .... if you did that now you see a Dark Angels screen. However, Dark Angels are filed under Space Marines, and they have a page:

    So I checked the date on the Picture of the Dark Angel shown:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	m1121255a_LP_40K_DA.png 
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    Look at the date: m1121255... so instantly, I was like... well this is old. Dang. So I went and looked at Grey Knight's pic:

    and Necrons

    And BA

    Seems the date is just when the picture was made. The Sanguinor being the newest model in this set. So that only tells us GW likes to reuse its artwork.

    I went all the way through to 440354, and found no Black Templar's main page (to my own sadness)

    But on another link I did find this:

    Army Landing Intro?????? That is Helbrecht isn't it?

    Enjoy regardless


    **update** Striking similarities with Side of White Dwarf pics (note the Skull step):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	WD-mystery-2012.jpg 
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    Quote Originally Posted by ThePope View Post
    A mate just pointed this out, Deamon hunters and pages still exist as data mined links, they have always been there even thought the armies no longer exist as those named entities.

    I how ever have pointed out (right or wrong) that where this is true, WH/DH links have complete product links such as "featured product" and "View entire army product range" where as the DA links do not show the range even though they clearly have a model range to link to.
    This is a good point. This means that if it was an OLD DA page, then it would be populated.

    Image for the DA and BT pics are .png, something being used more often nowadays, and the others are all JPEG format.

    Quote Originally Posted by Fluxeor View Post

    ================================================== ==================================
    Another update **

    There are two files listed under :


    There is this one

    and this one

    One depicts the Empire, and the other Templars. Both due out this year. I am guessing, according to this, that Templars are going to be due out first, as well as Empire, while DAngels are due out later.

    Another reason is the Black Templar Launch Page is filled in with SM units, and the DA Launch Page is not finished.
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