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Thread: What happened to the Ringwraiths after the ring was destroyed?

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    What happened to the Ringwraiths after the ring was destroyed?

    I'm making a couple good armies based after the end of the LotR's movies, But having never read the books, I have no idea what really happened or what Evil forces survived.

    One army will be based on Legolas and Gimli's exploring of Fangorn forest and the Glittering Caves of Helm's Deep. As Legolas ends up founding an Elf-colony in Ithilien, I decided to put them with some Wood Elves to help them in their exploring.

    My Gondor Force will be a generic one for friends to use.

    I want to make an evil force for my 2 good forced to chase down and destroy or discover on their adventures, But don't want to include anything that's already destroyed. I suspect there will be many Orcs to hunt down and probably some Trolls.

    I also think Shelob is a safe bet, as I don't think she was actually killed by Sam. Was she?

    I just don't know what happened to The Ringwraiths. Did they continue on after Sauron was destroyed?
    What other (Named) evil leaders survived after Sauron was Destroyed?

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