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    Black Templars rumours

    Updated: Jan-3-2012
    Ghost has said that BT are due out before Tau, presumably the next codex. He also said
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    due to them sitting done for nearly 8 months?... n honestly sword brethren are nice
    I believe therefore that the Black Templars should have their own rumor thread rather than cluttering up the other rumor threads. I invite Ghost, as well as any others with information to share to post it here.
    First update (thank you for the advice Shabbadoo)
    And thank you ghost21 for these rumors!

    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    kits for sword brethren n nophytes(sp) as ive said im more of a xenos guy but ill provide what i know, vows are less restrictive

    i also saw things for something called knights of the inner circle (or something along those lines).. they were named each came from a successor chapter, n the guy who lead them was a bt... it was interesting but as usual salt applies
    Quote Originally Posted by Mirbeau View Post
    Not as big! But more bizarre! (unless you play fantasy...). That's most of what I know about it. Speculating from that - big buffing thing with a howdah ?!

    A bit more for now - in regards to the 'neophytes' (if they continue with that name), I heard they were finecast. Whilst it would leave room for another plastic kit, I hope this isn't true.

    Dark Angels are not at all on my radar, doesn't mean they aren't happening anytime soon, but I haven't heard a thing, if ghost's heard anything it is likely to do with black templars.
    Conflicting rumors here

    Quote Originally Posted by Lord Commissar Aquila View Post
    4. CSM will get one of the newest dexes in 6th, right after the Marine dex.

    5. Tau and BT will get a release soon after CSM; other races updated in 5th will not be updated in 6th as their rules (at least from Guard onwards) are allready suited for 6th. Ward will probably do the BT and might do Tau as well. DA will probably not be updated anytime soon, because its not a popular army and GW does not want to waste money updating one or more armies that almost no one plays with a separate dex.
    Old rumor from Jordankeeps at DakkaDakka

    "Phill kelly is going to write the Bt codex, so that should be great oh and new units added for bt as well. by Jared van Kell

    A little but nothing solid. What I have heard.

    - Phil Kelly is writing the Codex.
    - More emphasis on the horde aspect of the army with lots of large units of Initiates and Neophytes.
    - Emperors Champion is more in line with the company champion of the Grey Knights but is still 2 wounds. Gains preferred enemy against independent characters and monstrous creatures.

    I will let you know as I hear more.

    by Jared van Kell

    Some additional bits.

    - I forgot to mention the Rightous Zeal rule could be changing to be more along the lines of the Rage USR. Something along the lines of if they fail a Ld test then they are subject to Rage and must advance towards the nearest enemy unit. As yet the details are sketchy.
    - All the current special characters (ie: Helbrect and Grimaldius) will remain. Also I had heard of an mention of a special character who is like the greatest of all of the Emperor's Champions and the greatest warrior in the Black Templars. I had heard mention of a bike mounted special character with a lance like weapon but I cannot confirm this yet. "

    Quote Originally Posted by superdupermatt View Post
    Certain units to get Rage USR is one I've heard repeatedly. (foolishly didn't see the first post... oops!)
    Sword Brethren are to get a special rule where when they are assaulted the enemy unit has to re-roll all* successful hits, at the expense of 1 attack. It's called "parry".
    Land Raiders, when suffering a 5 or 6 on the damage chart* (so "wrecked" or "destroyed") gets one more turn where it rampage, think along the lines of the machine spirit going bezerk.
    No horses as far as I am aware, bikes would be the direction (if any at all) for riding knights.
    There is a named Emperor's Champion, he's meant to be the longest living EC in the Black Templars history, or somesuch.

    *I'll seek clarification as it doesn't quite seem right in my head.
    New from ghost21
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    relic dreadnaughts, like a mobile requiary bearer... is what i had heard
    New from ghost21
    Quote Originally Posted by ghost21 View Post
    expect bt to be the landraider spam army

    From Marshal Laeroth at BOLTER AND CHAINSWORD


    I cannot find the rumor threads stating it (there were several, but I don't have the time to search too deeply). HOWEVER, I do have a friend in the UK that actually met Phil and talked to him about that particular rumor. To which Phil confirmed. I was told that he sounded very enthusiastic about the project, but wouldn't go into details or timelines. Just that he was writing the book and the BT were coming (that could mean 2 years though).

    And this which they say is from WARSEER, I didn't see it here, but I guess I missed it.

    i was down the local GW today, and found some interesting stuff on black templars. so far as the internet says, they're before/after chaos space marines (or legions), before or very shortly after 6th, given that they're current incarnation won't be suitable for 6th. Anyways, what i found out was the following:

    there's going to be a named emperors champion, who's old by BT standards, and has been EC for a while. long enough to be better than the standard one.

    initiates will be cheaper, around 11 points, and neotyphes around 6pts. still, expect some drawbacks to this.

    there'll be a new named character on a bike with eternal warrior, and also eternal warrior killer.

    and possibly some dreadnought/knight style thing that fits with the rest of the army, in line with the big stuff from GK and BA.

    oh, last thing, possibly some upgrade that lets land raiders be destroyed by the enemy, but still 'live' for a turn. final shoot and move, the explode in a last ditch suicide run or someut.

    I got most of this from a staff member, so take it with a pinch of salt, but this guy's usually pretty accurate with stuff like this....

    And this from Bloodcrusade at BOLTER AND CHAINSWORD

    From the rumors I've been hearing it's more of something along the lines of:

    1)Helbrecht(Cheaper with rules to make Sword Brethren either Scoring or Troops)
    2)Grimaldus(Rules update)
    3)Special Champion
    4)Draco(Will be making the transfer from White Dwarf to Codex with rule amendments)

    These are the *guaranteed* Special Characters with rumors of:

    1) Marshal/Castellan for drop pod armies(Reminiscent of one of our own's Custom Codex, believe it was Sigismund Himself?)
    2)Terminator HQ(Allows for termies as scoring or as Troops for 'BlackWing')

    Haven't heard anything of being allowed to bring Bikes as Troops if your 'Captain' rides one, which I'm thankful for. There's a Chapter for that and it's White Scars.

    Special Units being brought to the Codex:

    1)Chaplain Dreadnought(Same reroll hits on charge, probably fealess to all units with-in 6" like Grimaldus)
    2)Durandal Dreadnought(Being brought from White Dwarf into the Codex, haven't heard the rules will change- maybe one more base attack?)
    3)Assault Rhino Chassis(Been rumored/hoped for a long time, whether from the Rhino or a new vehicle on it's chassis)

    From Stickmonkey ( Personally I really hope the WD Codex thing does not happen)
    My sources are giving me the following general timelines of codex releases

    Q1/2 - tau (or flipped w BT)
    Q2/3 - BT ( possible WD codex)

    From Harry:

    Quote Originally Posted by Harry View Post
    Well it is only a small thing but it is quite a big thing if it is accurate. I say 'If' as I heard it quite a long time ago (well over a year ago and I am a bit fuzzy on the details) But I think I picked up that Jes was working on Black Templars possibly with Juan Diaz or Seb Perbet?

    Which are some nice names to throw around for any army. Wouldn't you agree?

    From Mirbeau
    Quote Originally Posted by Mirbeau View Post
    A little update - I still think (though not sure if others are 100% on this) Templars are the next book, but there are some miniatures for others to come first....
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