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Thread: Shoota Boyz squads (Orks)

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    Shoota Boyz squads (Orks)

    I know that the next Ork dex is a long way off but I would like to entertain new ideas for units.

    For instance:

    Troops Choice:

    Shoota Boyz Mob.

    Mob Upgrade: Big Shootas. +5 pts per model.

    Upgrade 1 Shoota Boy to: Nob.

    Nob may have a Big Choppa or Powerklaw for X points. (This means the Nob may have a Big Shoota as well)

    Nob may have a Boss Pole for X points.

    Shoota boyz are great, but could be even better as a home objective unit or be used as a core for an entire army with Str 5 Ap 5 Assault 3 36" weapons. (90 shots!)

    Could use these bad boyz in a Battlewagon and be able to cut down enemies more effectively while using the Wagon as more of a defensive bunker rather than a spearhead unit.

    A mob of 30 Big Shoota boyz would average out to 370 points if upgraded with a Powerklaw/Boss Pole Nob. The could also unintentionally make Flash Gitz mobs and Lootas cry.
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