Okay so I have 3500pts of fully painted Salamanders that will soon be supplanted by 2500 pts of Pre Heresy Night Lords.

I went out to forgeworld and ebay and got

Captain with Twin LC Jumppack
5 Terminators Converted to Pre heresy
Contemptor Dread
10 Sternguard/Chosen
30 Tactical Marines
20 Assault Marines
2 Pre Heresy Predators
1 Pre Heresy Land Raider
2 Drop Pods
10 Devastator/Havocs with Missiles

I'm doing pre-heresy in prepartion for the new Legions book that will be coming out soon. Also because they're pre-heresy I can use the SM codex.

So because I can use the SM codex, that means I don'to need my Salamanders right. I already gave their three Rhinos to my 2500 pts of Grey Knights.

That army includes
Vulkan, Librarian, MotF
10 TH/SS Termies
10 Shooty Termies
1 IronClad in Pod
1 Venerable
1 Chaplain Dread
1 Riflemen Dread
30 Tactical Marines
10 Assault/Vanguard
14 Legionnaires of the Damned
Thunder Fire Cannon with techmarine
2 Land Raider Redeemers
Land Speeder with twin MM's

I now have 2500 pts of Grey Knights painted up and I feel I prefer to use these guys for good guy army. My Grey Knights aren't what you would call standard list.

1 GM, 1 Libby
10 Purifiers in Rhino
10 Terminators
6 Terminators with Banner
10 Strikesquad marines in Rhino
10 Interceptors
6 Purgation Squad
Nemesis Dreadknight
Riflemen Dread

So I like my Salamanders, I like how they're painted I could probably fetch a pretty penny to help pay off the money I dumped into Forgeworld. To be honest I find them boring and too popular. And I think it would be good to abandon ship on Vulkan while I can get money for the army before they nerf the crap out of him in the new SM codex sometime next year. I just don't play my Salamanders anymore. I built them when I sold off my original 5000pts of Nightlords 3 years ago when I decided that the current CSM codex was bland.

You could say they've been a place holder for my Nightlords, and the feel of the army just never felt like it fit with me. They're too damn good, they escort convoys of civilians during the Armaggdeon War and they live among the people of Nocturne. The two Legions couldn't be more opposite of each other, and I am a Nightlord fan and I always will be.

I eagerly anticipate the project that will be my FW Nightlords. And I just feel three marine armies is too much. GK, Salamanders and Nightlords. Someone has to go and GK I just started 6 months ago and I like them cause they're not like regular marine armies. To give you an indication of my army style preference here are my armies: 3k Dark Eldar, 2.5k Elysian Guard, 3k Daemons, 2.5K GK's, and 3.5K Salamanders. I also play WoC and Night Elves for fantasy. I'm seeing a trend here, I don't really play good guy armies. And of all the legions Salamanders are the goody two shoes of them all. It was between them and Crimson Fists when I wanted to do a SM army and I felt Crimson Fists paint job looks too much like Nightlords.

So what would you guys do.