Just a question on how indies' prices compare to GW. In my experience independent stockists are either cheaper or just as expensive as Games Workshop. For example, Gamers World in Dublin* is usually 5-10% cheaper and the Art and Hobby shop in Galway* is the same price as GW. However, I was at a convention today and at the stall for "The Gathering" from Limerick* and noticed that EVERYTHING they had was more expensive than GW. About 10% more than GW prices. (Black knights were €26.50 compared to €24 and fenrissian wolves were €22.50 as opposed to €19.50.)

Anyway I remarked this to one of the guys running the convention and he explained that most indie prices are higher than GW - that GW sales reps encourage this and hassle stores that have lower prices. Is this true? It hasn't been my experience but that may be because both Gamers World and Art and Hobby are big shops (actually the latter is a chain of shops or franchise or something) and this enables them to charge lower prices and still make a profit. This was the explanation I was given, at least.

So, oh great and knowledgeable community of Warseer - do small indie stores charge more than GW? Have I just been lucky in that I've never had to deal with such stores? Is this store a freak of nature? Or perhaps was this simply a result being at a con, and the store just deciding "Smeg** it, we'll hike up the prices and one-up GW for sticking it to the consumer"?

*Note that it is not necessary to know where these places are. I included them for the sake of adding detail to my story.
** This was originally another word but even after self-censorship it was entirely replaced by asterisks and I decided smeg that I'll just use smeg.