Unbelievable. I was on eBay last night looking at old 40k stuff, when I found the following items for sale in a single auction.

Being a fan of 2nd edition, having lost all my original books thanks to a leaky roof and a move, I decided to keep an eye on it. Especially since it'd only been bid on twice so far, and the bidding was at $3.50.

I checked back from time to time til the auction was nearing its end, and I kept refreshing endlessly as I watched the time tick down, with no additional bids. Eventually, it dropped down to about 40 seconds or so and that's when I made my bid, with my maximum bid being $20.99. I confirmed my bid and saw that I was the high bidder at $5.50 with about 20 seconds to go. I then kept refreshing, hoping to win the auction, even if I had to pay $20 or so. The seconds kept ticking down until, at last, the auction was over. NO ONE had come along to place a bid, and I won all of that for $5.50! YEEESSS!!! Check it out!


I'm literally crying tears of joy right about now (Ok, so maybe NOT literally, heh). Now to find out how much the shipping will be with boxes included.