Hey guys,

Starting my IG army and I've got my theme down. Small force lead by a techpriest assigned with recovering techno artifacts around the galaxy. I'm thinking vet squads, chimeras, sentinals, some kasrkin models as storm troopers so far. Trying to go more quality over quantity and fluff / storyline is more important that army effectiveness for me. Ok so here is a list of problems I'm having that hopefully you guys can help with!

1. Techpriest can't technically lead the army. Which HQ choice should I use to fill the required slot?

2. Not a fan of the gw servitor models. I want the techpriest to be a nice army center piece. Any other models you guys would suggest?

3. I love the tech marine model. Ideas for converting it to an IG tech priest?

4. I'm thinking to kinda mod the sentinals a bit to show theyre part of this tech focused force. Ideas for good bit kits?

Any other ideas you guys have would be welcome!