This is a new army I've been working on in secret; Mariners Blight.
They are a maritime inspired Lovecraftian Chaos Marine Army combining inspiration from The Shadow over Innsmouth as well as the Cthulhu mythos with 1800's style diving suits and nautical details.

I will have several updates over the next few weeks, but for now here's some Marines.

They were made from a combination of MK2 & MK3 Armour with Morback's BioHazard Helmets. I literally cut legs off from MK2 Armour and swapped with MK3 Armour to create a more chaotic appearnce. Some Maxmini mutation bits were mixed in with possessed bits to achieve an aquatic mutation effect on the Close Combat Marines.

The bases were from Secret Weapon Miniatures. A Combination of their Blasted Wetlands mixed with Bone Fields designed to look like bone infested murky swamp land. Think the Dead Marshes from LOTR.