Hey there,

I was wondering what people might think of the following and whether they might be able to suggest what models to buy to make this work.

I have a pretty large Bretonnian Army and there's a bit of fluff in the book about the Red Duke of Mousillon. He turned into a vampire and went on a killing spree.

That got me thinking about how I could branch out with my Brets and create an undead Mousillon army.

I currently own 40 Men-at-arms. 27 Knights of the Realm. 6 Grail Knights. 9 Questing Knights. 40 Archers. Lots of Lords and Prophetesses/Damsels. Paladin BSB on foot. Two Trebs. 10 Pegasus Knights and a Pegasus Lord.

I was thinking of buying the VC Batallion and seeding the Men-at-arms with skellies and ghouls and using the Black Coach as a mount for a Necromancer. Two boxes of Black Knights and a Vamp Lord is where I was thinking of going after that. Any thoughts or suggestions? My mates and I usually play quite large games - 3000pts+