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    Re: Autumn of Fliers

    Quote Originally Posted by Archangelion View Post
    Bom bom bom... are you implying that the flyer's might be dropping in from the sun in summer instead of winter? Or that the greenskins will be getting many models.... how... interesting.... hmmm
    I meant flyers.

    Quote Originally Posted by KarlPedder View Post
    I'd say considering whats been "flying" around rumour wise and the average number of releases per month lately that it will be the Void Raven, Night/Doomscythe, Fightabomba and Stormhawk kits with WD entries for the latter two and perhaps a preview of some of the flyer rules for 6th. While I don't think its likely that could potentially be knocked up to include the Harpy and Hydra too.
    I am thinking just three of those.... SM, Ork and Necron. (As mentioned in the first post).

    I am not saying the other ones are not coming .... just not quite as soon as these three.
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