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The Dark Eldar Voidraven Bomber. It was said a while ago that the model had been pushed back due to some design flaw of some fashion. I also seem to remember it being said that the model was later finished and was simply awaiting a release slot. Are you implying that these rumours were infact false?
Eldar flyer ... got it. I imagine that is coming with the Eldar Codex next year. As I said earlier in the thread.

I was not aware I had implied anything about it at all.

I suspect any nonsense about it being pushed back is the usual claptrap about stuff being pushed back. I imagine it is on schedule to be released exactly where it was planned to be released.

It may well be finished .... There are loads of models finished. This notion of awaiting a release slot implies they make it up as they go along and suddenly someone says 'Oh bugger we have nothing coming out next month ... what have we got finished boys'. It just is not like this.

Projects get put in the schedule. Projects get started according to a timetable ... they progress according to a timetable ... with the writers, sculptors, artists having to meet various deadlines on the way. Most times projects start and finish exactly when they are planned to.

Most times all this 'pushed back' stuff it is just internet nonsense.
Most times it just means the original rumours were wrong.