5 bucks say all they actually know is the names of the kits, the rest will be speculation masked as knowledge. "The Ork Dakkajet, woooow, I mean, how to describe it? It looks like someone actually TOOK an Ork tank and nailed some wings on it, you know, how Ork stuff is supposed to look like!" "And some word on the Stormtalon?" "It's just what you'd expect a Marine Flyer to look like, all bulky and heavy armed, and it's gut the same rules as the Stormraven with it's Cermite plating.." "Thats CerAmite plating!" "Oh, yeah, I cannot keep up with all these terms. Anyhow, it's REALLY impressive and it can wreak a LOT of damage on the battlefield."

Something like that. Sorry. To me, all of this is just another try to get more people to watch their Videoblog. If they really wanted to get some solid info out, they'd put it on the page.