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From what I can gather the sketch of the Storm Talon is a bit deceptive, possibly because it's copied from a photo taken at a poor angle, or maybe because the perspective is a bit off.

Essentially the tail and engines are pretty much the same as the Storm Raven (the engines on the talon are gimble mounted in a new hull piece, rather than under the wing as they are on the Raven).

The cockpit is new, but similar to the Storm raven.

Essentially imagine removing the wings and transport capacity from a Storm Raven, and then glueing the tail and engines back on.

So it is a Storm Raven variant, so very similar in aesthetic, certainly bigger than a Land Speeder, but not as big as a Storm Raven, but certainly not as "curvy" as the sketch would suggest, but still a lot sleeker than the Storm Raven.

It also does sort of have wings which are attached to the engine pods, but they are small and stubby, although not as small and stubby as the pic suggests.
If you listened too the broadcast they made it clear it was neither a variant, and only roughly half as long as the Storm Raven, so your perspective is considerably off. The question becomes is it a one or two seater cockpit and really its size is far closer to a land speeder then a storm raven.