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Thread: Was there ever a different conclusion to the mount doom scene in return of the king?

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    Was there ever a different conclusion to the mount doom scene in return of the king?

    I remember many years ago listening to the Lord of the Rings on audiobook and i remember it was mostly listening to it out of one ear, years later (after watching the movie) i re-listened to the series and one thing struck me as odd one scene in the third book return of the king was different from how i remember it all those years ago.

    The scene in the movie and in the book we know Frodo is in the end corrupted by the ring and instead of destroying it he takes it for his own, only to lose it when Gollum bits Frodos finger off, only for Gollum himself in his joy of finally being reunited with his ring falls into the lava and dies along the ring screaming Pressures as he falls down.

    Now the scene i remembered played out a little different Frodo arrives at Mount Doom and stands over the pit, but when the time comes for throwing in the ring he hesitates. At this moment Sauron appears in front of Frodo in his Annatar form or something like that.
    Sauron though still spectral in his form reaches out a hand towards Frodo, kinda like he is asking Frodo to give him his ring, this gives Frodo the strength to throw the ring into the volcano then the entire thing begins to erupt.
    Frodo noticing Gollum reaches a hand out towards Gollum, Gollum however jumps into the Vulcano after the ring screaming Pressures as he does so.

    Now my Question is was this ever an Ending in the Book maybe in a previous edition or something like that or did i just not hear it correctly in the first time around?
    I remember when i first listened to it it was recorded on tapes so it might have been an old version.

    And if this is indeed an older version i remember any idea on why it was changed?
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