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    Harry's Quest

    For one reason and another, and in no small part due to some of the fantastic and inspirational project logs on this forum, I find myself increasingly drawn towards Warhammer Quest. Now whilst I am blown away by some of the wonderful 3D dungeons in other project logs I just don’t have the time to get into that sort of thing right now … but one day … you have my word on it. That will be the holy grail and the final stage of my quest.

    Right now I am at the very beginning of my quest.

    I have cracked open my copies of Warhammer Quest, Lair of the Orc, Lord and Catacombs of Terror, skim read the rules, soaked up the glorious contents of the boxes, formed a plan, and am ready to set out on my quest ….and so … to the miniatures.

    I am very fortunate to have a large selection of miniatures to go at so I will not be painting the plastic that came in the boxes but choosing some of my favourite miniatures from my collection to represent each of the required Heroes and Monsters. Given my collection this may well include a few older miniatures.

    Here is my plan:

    1) Paint something for all the Monster cards form the Warhammer Quest box set
    2) Paint something for all the Monster cards from Lair of the Orc lord.
    3) Paint something for all the Monster cards from Catacombs of terror.
    4) Paint everything extra I need to complete all the monsters on the Level 1 table.
    5) Design, make and paint my 3D Warhammer Quest dungeon.

    So this is what I have done and still need to do:

    Stage 1:
    (2D6) 12 Bats
    (2D6) 12 Rats
    (2D6) 12 Spiders

    6 Goblin Spearmen
    6 Goblin Archers(Done some ... got others to do).
    6 Orcs

    6 Orc Archers
    (2D6) 12 Snotlings
    (2D6) 12 Skaven

    (1D3) 3 Minotaurs

    Stage 2:
    Snakebooze (Orc shaman)
    Gubbinz (Goblin jester)
    Growler (Squig hound)
    Skullbasher (Huge Orc)
    3 Big ‘Uns
    6 Black Orcs
    3 Fanatics
    4 netters
    4 clubbers
    2 Squig hunters
    6 Cave squigs
    4 Wolf riders
    Bog Off the snotling

    Stage 3:
    Wight King on throne
    Evil Necromancer
    Hunchback servant
    3 tomb Guards (with halberds)
    9 Skeletons with hand weap’
    6 Skeletons with spears
    9 skeletons with bows
    9 Zombies
    12 ghouls
    1 Carrion

    Stage 4:
    +6 Orcs
    +6 Orcs (Bows)
    6 Savage Orcs & Shaman
    +6 Goblins (Spears)
    +6 Goblins (Bows)
    Goblin Shaman
    +2 Goblin Netters
    +1 Herder
    9 StormVermin
    8 Beastmen
    3 Centaurs
    3 Ogres
    12 Skeletons (Spears)
    +3 Skeletons (Bows)

    9 Dark Elves (x-Bows)
    8 Black Guard
    9 Hobgoblins

    Here is what I have got so far … done accidentally as part of other ongoing projects.

    I did some of the Goblin spearmen:

    Some wolf riders:

    The Dread King:

    and some Tomb Guards:

    Some skeletons:

    and some with spears:

    Not much of a start.
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