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    Size of Old Legions

    So after finishing Know no Fear we learnt that the Ultramarines, the largest legion, were numbered at 250,000 marines before Calth. As of Know no Fear we also know that the word bearers were numbered at 150,000 and were the second largest legion. So what was the strength of the other legions?

    I'm going to try to plot the legions size as the heresy started then as it was fought.

    Dark Angels: ~100K
    Emperor's Children: ~100k
    Iron Warriors: ~100k
    White Scars: ~100K
    Space Wolves: ~30k
    Imperial Fists: ~100k
    Night Lords: ~100K
    Blood Angels: ~100K
    Iron Hands: ~100K
    World Eaters: ~100K (~70k post Istvaan)
    Ultramarines: ~250k (Possibly as little as ~100k post calth)
    Death Guard: ~70k
    Thousand Sons: ~10k (~1k post Prospero)
    Luna Wolves: ~100k
    Word Bearers: ~100k (~150k pre-calth)
    Salamanders: ~100k
    Raven Guard: ~80 (~5k post Istvaan)
    Alpha Legion: ~100K
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