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The site of a 15th Century battle during the Wars of the Roses has been put up for sale.

The land where the Battle of Tewkesbury was fought is due to be sold to the highest bidder in a sealed bids auction, with a deadline of 3 February.

Campaigners say they fear the site could be built on after it was put up for sale by its owners, the trustees of Tewkesbury School's trust fund.

Tewkesbury Battlefield Society wants to raise money to buy the site.

Gastons Fields were at the centre of the Wars of the Roses battle in 1471 when Yorkist King Edward IV's forces triumphed over the Lancastrians.
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The Gaston field, last remaining area of the battle of Tewkesbury, has been put up for sale by the governors of Tewkesbury school. Initially they decided to sell by informal tender. (This is a form of auction were prospective purchasers tender a sealed bid by a specific date, without knowing what others are bidding). Sale particulars indicate a price of £120,000 to £150,000.
Tewkesbury Battlefield Society is extremely concerned that this historic site will be bought as potential building land. 15 years ago the Society was heavily involved in a public inquiry to prevent building development on this land, which it won. This was the first test of the English Heritage Battlefields Register and helped in getting the area included in the town’s conservation area. There is also strong support from local residents, who in 2011 had the area designated a Local Green Space.

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