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    Ridcully's Warriors of Tzeentch

    Am finally making a project log on here, my uni gaming group is starting to do fantasy, and as my Lizardmen are either badly painted or not finished painted, and I've been wanting to do warriors of Chaos of ages, so here I go.
    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	006.jpg 
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    Here are the 22 warriors of change (chaos)
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Name:	005.jpg 
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    Here are the knights, made with the HE dragon princes kit with some chaos and tomb king bits used, if I were to expand it I would buy another dragon prince box and an actual chaos knight and mix them for the rest.
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Name:	001.jpg 
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ID:	137819 These are the shields for them, I decided I wanted each one to have a different design, but as my painting skills are not that good I decided to go for simple geometric patterns mostly, with the blue as the main background color, the one in white may become an abstract landscape possibly.
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ID:	137821 Here is the 5h knight, who has received a Lizardmen arm as a gift from Tzeentch :P I've lost the base for him somehow so will need to find another before I can use him. He is with the disk for my Tzeentch Sorcerer.
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ID:	137822 The one on the left is the one I shall use for my Tzeentchian Sorcerer, the guy on the right is a model I did a couple of years ago as a test when I first toyed with the idea.
    Click image for larger version. 

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ID:	137823 The guy on the left is an old chaos champion who will have a tomb kings shield and I will use him as a chieftain in a 20 man marauder unit, which will be made mainly of these guys with some other stuff mixed in eventually in bigger games. The guy on the right will either be a chaos sorcerer lord who stays unmarked and goes on a chariot or will be Tzentchian Chaos Sorcerer, plus he is a tribute to the patron god/overlord of my gaming club, Fhtagen!
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