My apologies of the confusing topic title. It just seemed the most fitting (even if the most obscure).

Story time:
My wife has a set of Warhammer Quest. I offered to paint it for her. That was a bit over a decade ago.... She told me not to hurry and take my time, but...yeah.
Recently, when clearing out, I came across the half-painted Skaven. I decided to finish them off, and at the same time I had a look around the web for ideas. I had such fun painting those Skaven and got inspired by what I saw on the various forums and sites, I decided to continue on the rest of the set as well and see how far I would get (The Skaven were all I had finished so far). Looking at fantasy miniatures again also rekindled some buried thoughts about gaming Chivalric Quests or Chansons de Geste and good old fashioned Dungeoneering. Basically, nice story-driven skirmish in a resonant setting.
Then I came across Shas'El Tael's WHQ stuff here and on Advanced Tau Tactica. And saw that he was doing what I was just thinking, but combining WHQ with story-skirmishing in a way I hadn't thought of.
Inspiration was set loose, enthusiasm welled up and there I was... Bum-deep in another ill-defined project while leaving other projects behind, unfinished. Enthusiasm Deficit/New Project Disorder struck again!

Here's what I've done since that moment:

On my wife's set:

Finished the Skaven (One is missing from this picture, he was since finished, but not photographed).

Prepping the Orcs:

I'm missing two of the shields, so I'm modelling replacements at the moment.
The miniatures from the old set will be built and painted fairly conservatively, with some minor conversions for interest.

At the same time I'm also doing a "mirror project" for myself. I'll be cherry-picking some things from WHQ and building my own, modernized version (see the Chaos Warrior below) to slot into the greater Warhammer/Chivalric/Heroic Quest And Dungeoneering Project. I'm also digging through the smattering of fantasy miniatures I'd collected over the years (mostly GW stuff, with a few interlopers) to see what I could adapt for this idea. Turns out I have a Bretonnian knight mounted and on foot, with a fair-sized retinue (as well as an Empire, Chaos and the Mordheim Freelancer Knight, but without retinues), some other random Bretonnian and Empire heroes, as well as a smattering of monsters,Orcs, Beastmen and other adversaries. But no kitchen sink...
The various knights are already primered and on square bases. I'm still debating if I'll rip them off and put them on round ones or just leave them be.

The Chaos Warrior:

(His base will be replaced with a round one. Looking at others' projects I found I really like the way this looks. Plus it makes the models more useable for skirmishing.)

So, on we go! Into the dank subterranean tunnels!