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Thread: The Eldar vs. Humanity

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    The Eldar vs. Humanity

    Inspired by "are the Tau the counter to the Imperium" thread, I have decided to bring up a niggling little issue that has always bothered me: namely, the Eldar and early humans. Codex: Necrons would have us believe that after the Enslavers appeared, practically all life was wiped from the galaxy, then, gradually the Eldar rose again, becoming the most powerful civilization...until the fall. Then man emerged on the Great Crusade. However, the history of humanity, particularly the dark age of technology, seems to indicate that there was a time when man ruled the stars, and had access to limitless, powerful technology. I mean, if one is to believe the way the Eldar tell it, they ruled the entire galaxy until the Fall, and humanity was confined to Earth the whole time. Conversely, human tales give the impression that humanity was quite widespread, ala the re-discovered colonies, and technologically advanced. So what gives? I doubt the Eldar, probably the preeminent civilization for their time, would be content with simply the area that would become the Eye of Terror, nor would they ignore the burgeoning human empire. I also doubt that a somewhat more egalitarian (or at least not as xenophobic) humanity would fail to capitalise on good relations with the Eldar. So...what's going on?
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