To help keep the talk about the more general release schedule in one place, and since I've got a little birdy singing, this thread is an attempt to focus all those rumours around what's coming over the rest of the year.

As a start, I've got the following:

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Alright, this is depressing. Really depressing. I thought this was a rumor forum. Well, I scoured the heck out of this grand ol' internet of ours back in December 2011, and I'm going to list off what I have heard is planned for the year of 2012 (surprisingly accurate for the first four months, almost five).

January: Vampire Counts army book (I made this list right when the first VC rumors started hitting, which is actually what made me want to consolidate the rumors that I put stock in)
February: Vampire models
March: Tyranid and Space Wolves model waves (I had heard a lof of Space Wolves, Nids and Necrons, and just did put stock in another full Necron wave yet)
April: Empire army book
May: Dark Angels or Chaos Codex (obviously I was misled about this one)
June: Necron wave (off a month, but my May guess probably won't fall into June, because I don't see them releasing a 40K codex a month before 6th ed; so what's coming in June? Fantasy models)
July: 40K 6th ed
August: 40K model wave
September: Warriors of Chaos book
October: Empire models and Dark Angels or Chaos codex - whichever wasn't released in May (well, the latest rumors - as of 3 months ago since the well is so dry - has this as Chaos)
November: Hobbit!
December Warriors of Chaos model wave and 40K model wave

So far, I've only been off by a month for one of the releases. And I'm looking forward to my friends and all the other naysayers eating their words when they find out I've been right about the rest of the year.
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