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    Mining Colony - 4' X 8' WH40K board

    Myself and a friend of mine "Nightbringer115" this weekend since the weather has started to warm up, getting to do the Garage Project.
    we finally get to work on our Game table.

    Its based sorta like a badlands rocky type of world, it has a 4 bridges, stone quarry mining pit, a small mine shaft, a crystal field, mining yard, mining town, and water and wastewater treatment facilities.

    stuff will be shipped out via roads or waterway located at the lake edge in the corner of the board

    we are going to probly add a couple bunkers as well.

    we have been taking pics from start to current and plan to till finish and i think we are between 25 -33% done in 1 weekend alone.

    here are some pics:

    Pink foam is a mix of 1" and 3/4" mostly 1"
    Blue Foam is all 2"

    that sheet of wood is something i brought home that had an asesome rock looking finish on it but, didnt have a way of getting masonite to his house this weekend so we used that. oh and those are 2"X3" battons, they were a dime cheaper each and straighter than 2"x2" lumber

    there is a rough sketch that you probly cant see with a paint marker of our river"s".

    more posting to follow
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