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Thread: Models for Lizardmen and Dark Elves no longer available

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    Re: Models for Lizardmen and Dark Elves no longer available

    Interestingly the comment of "the original 24" suggesting there has since been more...? (Enter Pieman? again...)

    Quick list for those not wanting to sift/search in no particular order:

    1. Dark Elf Sorcerer
    2. Lizardmen Saurus Oldblood
    3. Captain of the Empire
    4. Empire Master Engineer
    5. Vampire Counts Necromancer
    6. Vampire Counts Wight King
    7. Vampire Counts Banshee
    8. Vampire Counts Wraith
    9. Nurgle Chaos Lord
    10. Warriors of Chaos Sorcerer Lord
    11. Warriors of Chaos Tzeentch Sorcerer Lord
    12. Savage Orc Warboss
    13. Goblin Shaman

    So that would make 11 more too come presumably at the least with 2 of them known to be a Beastmen Great Shaman and a High or Wood Elf Mage. Also on a side note not counting the Empire x2/Orc/HE x2 combo box kits or the Skaven x2/HE x1 in the starter box we can also field Strigoi Vampire, Skink Priest, Tomb King, Empire Wizard, Empire Warrior Priest, Goblin Shaman, Skaven Plague Priest, Skaven Grey Seer and Vampire Counts Necromancer in plastic from larger plastic kits relatively easy whether from the kit or bits stores. For those totally counting that would be 28 currently available plastic characters on 20mm or 25mm bases. I approve.

    Edit: Before being called out on it, yes there are previous plastic heroes but not currently available such as from battle of skull pass.
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