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Thread: Knights of Baal: A Blood Angel Log

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    Knights of Baal: A Blood Angel Log

    After posting to this thread, I felt the urge to go back and cross out each item in my list as I completed it. But that would be thread-jacking (and also, no one would notice one reply on the 4th page being constantly updated.

    So here we go with my first 'project' log (I say that in inverted commas as I may well get bored with painting red at some point and may well dip into other projects waiting on the sidelines). I'm not the best painter, though I am trying to improve my technique (DID YOU KNOW: I only started to thin my paints in the last 2 years, despite having played and painted since '94? Previously used only neat paint straight from the pot ), and I'm also very inexperienced (read: never done it before) at taking photos of minis, so don't be too critical

    Enough excuses. For those who didn't check the links above, and so I can cross stuff off (I feel like that is going to be the most fun part of this ), here is the list:

    1. 2x Captain Tycho (Golden and DC)
    2. 11 5 BA tacticals (2 variant special weapons), 11 Assault on foot (2 variant sergeants), 20 Devastators (added 29.7.13)
    3. Corbulo + Sanguinary Priest on foot
    4a. Build Razorback turret conversion to mod my rhino
    4b. Paint Razorback turret conversion
    5. Stormraven modded with Chapterhouse Studios extension kit
    6. Mephiston
    7. Strip, magnetise and paint 3rd metal landspeeder
    8. Strip, model on cloaks then paint 3 metal sniper scouts
    9. 2nd Rhino/Razorback (ordered last week due to combination of GW's price hike and Wayland Games doing a free P&P deal)
    10. Buy & Paint Blood Angel Terminator Assault Squad and convert Sanguinary Priest in Terminator armour
    11. Scratch built captain
    12. Find, build and paint 2 tacticals + 1 sniper scout to fill out incomplete squads
    13. 18/8/2021 - 2 Tactical squads and 1 assault to go!

    That'll do for Blood Angels. Additional projects to swap in as active when I get bored of painting red:
    ++ Finish putting together a complete Warhammer Quest boxed set and hero collection.
    ++ Paint and PLAY Dreadfleet
    ++ Paint and play (more) Space Hulk (at least I've made a terminator squad for my BA out of it...)

    Anyway, I'm going to start you off with pictures of my currently painted vehicles. These were taken outside at 7pm today, and the lighting isn't too bad considering.

    Underslung weapon on my landspeeders are all magnetized using 6mmx1.5mm. I may come back later on with a photo of the selection of weapons I have so far. Having just bought some smaller magnets (3mmx1.5mm), I'm hoping that I might be able to magnetize the top weapon as well for the 3rd speeder.

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    Knights of Baal: A Blood Angel Log
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