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Thread: Official Warseer 6th Ed Starter Set Thread (Summary in first post)

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    Official Warseer 6th Ed Starter Set Thread (Summary in first post)

    Welcome to the thread, here's a summary of the rumours concerning the set so far. Please remember these are just rumours, and thanks should go to the rumourmancers for posting them.

    Note: Unless stated otherwise, all rumours are recent.

    T-Tauri: Photos courtesy of Svanhvit of Reddit:

    Photo of the Dark Vengeance box set, with the Limited Edition Dark Angel Interrogator Chaplain pictured at the top of the right hand page:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Dark Vengeance.jpg 
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    Photo of Chaos Lord (Top left) Helbrute (Top right) and Chosen (The rest):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DV CSM.jpg 
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    Photo of Chaos Cultists:

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DV Cultists.jpg 
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    Photo of Dark Angels: Company Master (Top left) Librarian (Top) Limited Edition Interrogator Chaplain (Top left) and Tactical squad (The rest):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DV DA Tactical.jpg 
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    Photo of Dark Angels: Deathwing Terminators (Top) and Ravenwing Bikes (The rest):

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	DV DA Wings.jpg 
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    The release date:

    Now numerous sources:
    Pre-orders go up on August 25th for release on September 1st.
    Starter Sets up for Pre-order August 25th. Released September 1st.

    Which means there should be photos of everything posted sometime around August 21st-22nd.
    A Birdy:
    The starter is due September 1st, staffers have a block for holidays on that weekend and the following weeks.
    One of Darnok's Birdies:
    I can confirm 100% that the Starter Set is slated for a September release
    I'm expecting the Starter Set mid September
    General info:

    The box set costs £65 and includes

    1 Dark Angels Company Master
    1 Dark Angels Librarian
    5 Deathwing Terminators
    10 Dark Angel Tactical Marines
    3 Ravenwing Bikes
    1 Interrogator-Chaplain(Only while supplies last of Dark Vengeance Box Set)
    1 Chaos Lord
    6 Chosen
    1 Helbrute
    20 Chaos Cultists
    48p How To Play Booklet
    1 Reference Sheet
    168p Rulebook
    1 Flamer Template
    1 Small Blast Marker
    1 Large Blast Marker
    1 Dice Pack
    2 Range Rulers
    There is a special (Limited run) edition of the Starter Set.
    The Dark Angels Chaplain is in the limited edition box.
    As far as I know the limited edition box is not too much more expensive than the regular set. I also think the limited box will be released first and the regular box later. But don't take that as an unshakeable rumour. I'm not 100% sure on it. It's just been suggested to me that it might be the case.
    Beasts of War:
    The box set is named Dark Vengeance.
    Beasts of War:
    The box will contain a smaller version of the 40k Rulebook.
    Beasts of War:
    There will be templates included in the box, and a new How to Play Dark Vengeance booklet, that allows you to jump right into the action.
    The 6th ed Starter Set will be Dark Angels vs Chaos
    I can tell you one thing, the models are totally awesome
    Tallarn, from Astronomican, on 30 September 2011:
    There will be two versions of the starter set for the first time. Rather than the box containing two armies each will have one, so Dark Angels versions and a Traitor version. Each will have a selection of figures, but the extra space in the box will focus on scenery. So there will be a small Dark Angels force with a Dark Angels specific piece of scenery in one box, and a small Traitor force and Chaos specific scenery in the other.
    The Chaos contents:

    Beasts of War:
    The Chaos Cultists consist of 2 units of 10 Chaos Cultist models, one unit armed with Auto-guns (with a Shotgun & CC weapon for the leader and a Heavy Stubber support trooper) and the other unit with Auto-pistol & CC weapon (with 2 CC weapons for the leader and a Flamer support model).

    The Chaos Cultists are bound in rags, with metal half-masks and weapons that suit the cobbled-together, improvised look that you expect from the dregs of Chaos.
    Beasts of War:
    There are 6 Chosen…elite Chaos Space Marines, armed with a variety of Power Weapons (A Maul on the Sergeant, and a Power Fist, a Chain Axe and a set of Lightning Claws by the look of thing interspersed on the other models by the looks of things). The remaining Chosen are armed with Boltguns.
    Beasts of War:
    The Chaos Lord is armed with a Power Sword & Plasma Pistol. His pose is a bit static, but that is only in comparison to the much more animated Chosen.
    Beasts of War:
    There is also the massive Helbrute model, which comes equipped with a Multi-Melta and a Power Fist. It seems that this isn’t a Dreadnought replacement, but is in fact a huge suit of specialist armour crewed by a Chaos Marine (or more likely a Champion). Actually, the model resembles a huge suit of Terminator Armour with lots of cool Chaos gribbly bits.
    The unit entry has been leaked. Just saw it quoted on chinese forums.

    Chaos part:
    Lord (In Power Armor)
    Chaos Dreadnought (With Twin Linked Melta and DCCW)
    Chosen (6 strong, with Power Maul, Power Fist and Lightning Claw)
    Cultists (20 strong, half with close combat weapon and pistol, the other half with assault rifle)
    The Chaos forces are made up of CSM Chosen, as well as Cultists/Traitors and a funky Chaos Dreadnought.... amongst others
    Starter news I have heard from several places now:

    CSM squad?

    Dreadnought seems likely. CSM squad may be referring to the Chosen, or may not. Posessed will have to see.
    The Chaos forces are a CSM Sorcerer, a unit of Marines, a unit of Possessed and a unit of Cultists
    I must make a retraction - There is a Chaos dread in the starter set, but it is not the multipart plastic kit, that will be released separately. Sorry, there were some crossed wires in my info...
    The Dark Angel contents:

    B]Beasts of War:[/B]
    The Tactical Marine squad of 10 models comes with the ordinary Space Marine grunts sporting a Boltguns, but the squad also has a Plasma Gunner and a Heavy Plasma Cannon model, with a Plasma Pistol and Chainsword Sergeant.

    The Tactical Squad also has a mixture of poses, this time around. Some of the Bolter-totting Marines are holding their ubiquitous weapon at jaunty angles to make the squad look a bit more animated… and it works too… good job GW!
    Beasts of War:
    Each of the 5 strong Space Marine Terminator squad is armed with a Stormbolter and Power Fist, with a Power Sword instead of a Power Fist on the Sergeant. However, you do get an Assault Cannon and a Chainfist option… and true to previous form… the models now come in a variety of more dynamic poses with the squad Sergeant even sporting Wings.
    Beasts of War:
    The unit of 3 Space Marine (or Ravenwing) Bikers consists of a Sergeant, one Biker sporting a Bolt Pistol and Chainsword, and the third Biker packing a Plasma Gun. The models look similar to previous Ravenwing Bikers (With that big wing banner on the back) and are probably the least inspiring out of the box.
    Beasts of War:
    There will be 3 Dark Angel characters in the box:

    A Dark Angels Company Master named Balthasar, armed with a Power Sword.

    A Dark Angels Librarian equipped with a Force Sword.

    And a limited edition Interrogator Chaplain, with an embellished robe and Power Armour including smoking exhaust details, possibly making this the most ostentatious model in the box!
    The Dark Angels Chaplain is in the limited edition box.
    The unit entry has been leaked. Just saw it quoted on chinese forums.

    Dark Angel part:

    Captain Balthasar(In Power Armor, not in Terminator Armour)
    Librarian (In Power Armor)
    Deathwing Squad (5 strong, with Storm Bolters, no Stormshields)
    Tactical Sqaud (10 strong, with 1 Plasma Cannon and 1 Plasma Gun)
    Ravenwing Squad (3 Bikes)
    The Dark Angels will be as stated: Deathwing Master, Deathwing squad, Ravenwing Bike squadron (Not Jetbikes), and a Tactical squad. :skull:
    The Dark Angels are a Terminator Captain, a unit of Deathwing, a unit of Ravenwing and a unit of Marines.
    Starter news I have heard from several places now:

    Dark Angels:
    Terminator Captain
    5 Deathwing
    Tactical Squad
    Ravenwing bikes (3 likely)
    The Dark Angel Tactical squad are not the Assault on Black Reach marines, these are new sculpts and there is Dark Angel iconography on them.
    One bit I'm really not certain on is this bit, but I've had some info passed on that the Dark Angel Tactical squad includes a Sergeant with Combi Weapon and Power Sword, 7 Bolter marines, 1 with Meltagun, and 1 with Plasma Cannon. I'd frankly be surprised if this is the load out though, and it wasn't the more generic Flamer and Missile Launcher.

    There you go, if you have any rumours to add, whether you want to remain anonymous or not, please just send me a PM
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