First off, may I start by saying I am still working my way through the rule book, so forgive me if this is explained there and I haven't got to it yet. It takes longer to digest once you've done this 6 times I still have things floating around in my head from generations ago like the damage of a lascannon being 3d6+9.

Anyway, with fortifications now costing points does that mean that if one or other side doesn't buy them, then they cannot be used in that match? If they can be, in what capacity would they work, would they become inanimate in the sense that all the special rules for them wouldn't happen?

Also the landing platform, is that any good in it's barrier down mode? With barriers down it allows deep-striking onto it not to scatter. However, both sides can work the barriers, so if you put the platform near the opposition they'll just get a model in base contact and put the barriers up. If you put it on your side why deep-strike? Am I missing something.

Finally, and I know this is forgeworld not GW, any ideas on how the Imperial Strongpoint should fit into the rules? any ideas what sensible points it would be worth?