Hi, after moving away from GW games for a while i have decided (based on someone else wanting to play) to start on an army.
I know for certain they are going to play necrons and will be inexperienced (just like me!) but will play to win so i need to choose a force that is at least able to stand up to them in a fight, be it not at the hardcore tournament level.
I have cut down the list of choices to necrons, grey knights, tau, orks, dark eldar or maybe... guard. The thing is i would also want the army to be something i can make look good in painting and modelling which is a point against the gk army as i have repeatedly got bored very quickly painting marines.
Necrons also have a point against them in that i am not sure games necrons vs necrons would be that entertaining though that may just be my thoughts based on.. absolutely no evidence.
The initial thoughts are to start low points wise (roughly battleforce + character sort of points) and work up slowly.
Play style wise i have never had a preference anything from glass cannon, speedy, tough and resilient, shooty, melee..i have liked them all so that is not really a factor.
In these early stages of the new edition i know it will be hard to really tell properly but any help to making this decision would be appreciated thank you.