OK guys here is the skinny. Currently I have full compliments of all assault troops (walking and jumping), DC (walking and jumping), vehicles all magged, etc. If its not on the list below then I have a full compliment with all the available options. The things I have room for:

Dreadnought Drop Pods (thinking of getting three of these)
Only 3 Speeders (room for 6 more)
No bikes
90 scouts (room for up to 90 more including bolter and sniper variants)
Honor Guard (I own none)
10 Assault Terminators (I currently have 20)
10 Regular Terminators (I don't own any)
A bunch of tactical squads (I only have one)
A bunch of dev squads squads (I only have one)

I'm leaning towards getting the 3 dread drop pods, 3 more speeders, 30 more scouts and stopping there. Am I missing anything? What would you recommend?