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    Dark Elf Rumours

    In an effort to pull together what few rumours we have …
    I have started threads for each of the armies rumoured to be somewhere in the pipeline.
    I will do my best to keep the first posts updated as more rumours appear in these threads.
    I have tried to remember as much as I can of what has been posted so far.
    I will have missed or forgotten some of it ... so, any rumours that have been posted please just remind me ‘who’ said ‘what’ and I will update this first post.

    Dark Elves:

    Release date: Unknown.
    Expected in 2013 (Eldargal) (Late 2013)
    Expected before WE (Birdy via Darnock)

    Author: Unknown.

    Rules: Unknown.
    Executioners axe might become a single handed weapon that you can use with a shield and grant Heroic Killing Blow? (Wustegeist)

    There is a bunch of stuff in the pipeline for Dark elves. (Harry)
    Rumours of Witch Elves, (Eldargal, Hastings)
    Executioners (Eldargal)
    Black guard (Eldargal)
    ‘Large plastic critter’ (Eldargal)
    and plastic characters. (Eldargal)
    Plastic monster, possibly a hydra, not certain its for DE specifically. (Eldargal)
    Plastic mounted character, possibly female. (Eldargal)
    Dual kit chariot (Eldargal)
    Plastic bolt thrower (Eldargal)
    But not this much stuff. (Harry)

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