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    Bretonnian Rumours

    In an effort to pull together what few rumours we have …
    I have started threads for each of the armies rumoured to be somewhere in the pipeline.
    I will do my best to keep the first posts updated as more rumours appear in these threads.
    I have tried to remember as much as I can of what has been posted so far.
    I will have missed or forgotten some of it ... so, any rumours that have been posted please just remind me ‘who’ said ‘what’ and I will update this first post.


    Release date: Unknown
    Rumours of release following Wood Elves Early to mid 2013 release. (Scoopdeta)
    (Making Bret’s mid to late 2013)
    Rumours that one of three Warhammer books being done (and nearly finished) is Bret’s / been in development "active playtesting" since 2010. (meltedwing)
    "I have heard nothing about Bretonninas". (Hastings)

    Author: Unknown.

    Trebuchet flaming ammunition would create an area of dangerous terrain. (Antipathy)
    Battle Pilgrims are being removed, in favour of the reliquae acting as a potential battle standard bearer and allowing men at arms to take swords and shields, as opposed to spears/halberd limitations. (Antipathy)
    They are toying with removal of lance formation and replacing that with monstrous cavalry rules for breton warhorses. (Antipathy)

    6 man knight kit that can make either Questing or Grail knights.(GCSmith over at BoLS)
    Plastic trebuchet kit that makes either standard trebuchet or a fireball throwing catapult.(GCSmith over at BoLS)
    The fireball throwing trebuchet, being a dual plastic kit, one being a trebuchet and another being developed as launching some form of wine barrel as an explosive, as per a mangonel similar to as seen in medieval 2 total war games. (Antipathy)
    I also remember hearing something about the barrel idea. (Harry)
    The reliquae is a dual kit, becoming more like a screaming bell. The dual part nature of the kit is hazy, but possibilities I have heard from range from a large standard (similar to carroccio standard from medieval 2 total war, to a more 'crazy' design relating to a damsel in distress, where a damsel is held in tribute to some passing monster, causing the bretons to rage when said damsel in distress gets eaten alive by a hungry wyvern.(Antipathy)
    There is also slated a plastic lord kit suitable for king leon. (GCSmith over at BoLS)
    Hippogryph with parts to represent louen as well as an unarmoured, uncaparisoned, unmounted version to represent a storm of magic version. (Antipathy)
    Dual plastic kit for royal pegasus/unicorn prophetess/paladin/faye enchantress.(Antipathy)
    A foot knight hero is to be available to represent a duke of montfort, along with his dismounted knights.(Antipathy)
    New Repanse de Lyonesse mini. (Eldargal)

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