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    Dwarf Rumours

    In an effort to pull together what few rumours we have …
    I have started threads for each of the armies rumoured to be somewhere in the pipeline.
    I will do my best to keep the first posts updated as more rumours appear in these threads.
    I have tried to remember as much as I can of what has been posted so far but I will have missed or forgotten some of it ... so, any rumours that have been posted please just remind me ‘who’ said ‘what’ and I will update this first post.


    Release date: Unknown.
    But there are rumours of a big overhaul. (Harry) I guess when they come depends on how big an overhaul they get. "I anticipate a bigger redo and a longer project"
    From what I've been told expect an extensive revamp of the Dwarfs, not a little update with some new minis.
    Long gone are the days of the little guys with beards doing nothing in a corner of your game table !(Earlybird)
    Not in 2012 (Lord Dan)
    2013 has been suggested. (Mirbeau)
    Expected before WE (Birdy via Darnock)
    Models were being worked on the same time as Empire models,and had boxes being printed at the same time ... back before the Empire release. (Alebelly_Cragfist)

    Author: Unknown.
    However there is a rumour that the Dwarf book is one of three nearing completion. (meltedwing)

    Dwarfs have been deemed boring to play and boring to fight against.
    So the idea is to give you a new efficient chassis. Sure you will be able to stay in your corner with your guns and cannons. But you will also have the opportunity to be much more aggressive and quickly occupy the table. (Earlybird)
    Squadrons of Gyros are being considered. (Alebelly_Cragfist)
    Rumours of new additions to the list:
    Dwarf Lord on throne will not be special character only. (Nocculum)
    New special unit ... dwarf contraptions (See below) (Indrazor)

    Rumours of a a big plastic, steam driven, wheeled, orc mashing, monsterous contraption (Harry)
    In the image of the ancestors as per Dwarf illustration.(Don't remember who first pointed this out)
    Roumour of a Dwarf statue. (Not sure if it is a Golem or a terrain piece) (Scopey)
    On the big Orc mashing kit, it's actually a large plastic re-imagining of the old "dwarf juggernaut" model... with a smashy fist option (as one of three (iirc) options) (Hastings)
    Latest 'Blackfire Pass' WHFRP supplement specifically mentions 2 new machines available to Engineers - The War Zeppelin and a 'warmachine in the likeness of an ancestor.' Such fluff has to be OK'd by GW HQ, so they're happy for both to be canon, which would suggest that whatever the Dwarfs get, it'll be one if not both of these.... The artwork in numerous recent GW releases picturing both would lend further weight to this rumour.(Alebelly_Cragfist)
    The 'warmachine in the likeness of an ancestor' already has a description on the latest WHFRP supplement, described as one of two new machines available to the Engineer's Guild, there's also a few illustrations of them. Once upon a time, there was also a 'Dwarf Juggernaut' model and it may well be that they're revisiting that concept anew. I don't think it will be a walking dwarf statue a la Stone Golem. Expect wheels, cogs and big hammers. (Alebelly_Cragfist)
    Huge Catapault. Plastic stone thrower. (Mirabeau) (Could this be another one of the options hastins mentions?)
    People have heard about those robotic contraptions in WoW. Those nice machines the dwarves there build to help them defend and mine. Picture that and place that on a large base in plastic for Warhammer as the new special unit. (Indrazor)
    Plastic slayers (Hastings, Eldargal, Lord Dan)
    Hammerers and Ironbreakers. (Mirabeau, NatTreehouse,) Not a Dual kit. (Mirabeau)
    Rumours of a Gyrocopter.
    Rumour about a HUGE Dwarf cannon. (? Seems to be based on old concept drawings ... see post 14)

    Blackfirepass supplement.
    Forgeworld have also confirmed they will be releasing a Zep kit, just not when.
    They are also releasing their own Dwarfs in much the same way as their CDs.
    Concentrating on named character models.

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