Hey guys, so I'm 95% sure I'm taking up the Chaos Marines, starting today (and finally embracing my love for villainous religious fanaticism).

I'm just looking for advice on how to start a fluffy Wordbearer force using the current codex of CSM as the primary draw. Yes, I have allies at my disposal and yes I know that the new codex will offer new and intriguing options, but I'm ready to embrace this now, so am seeking some advice.

Which units should I favour? (I absolute love drednought fluff, regardless of gameplay-- is that against Wordbearer forces?)
Which units should I avoid?
What paint colours (official GW) best fit the force?

Which allied units fit the flavour?

(I have at my disposal an older Chaos force (handed down to me) filled with various units, including a predator, some bikes, rhinos and berserkers, obliterators too. I have a box of daemonettes and a bloodthirster, and my entire force of IG to corrupt and pull from on occasion(as allies) [I will likely convert an IG allies to be part goatmen, using a leftover box of Warhammer Beastmen)

Thanks everyone-- excited to get going