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That unit looks good, dwarfs out to get a bouquet of flowers for the missus.

You should try press molding and make copies yourself. But if they are just OK, roman shields might work better for you. Having friends is nice.
Dwarfs, defending flowerbeds since 1985.... haha

In other news...finished 10 more Blorcs. Here they are added to the first 5...

I've based some of them on monster bases to make them a little easier to rank up. I've still got another 15 of these which I'm not sure yet if I'll be using. I've added snow to all the bases now although this isn't the case in the pic.

The next project is going to be the stone thrower my chum gave me. I've prepped it up, got a bit carried away and did a few more artillery pieces in my collection as well...

I'm going to mount them all on scenic bases made from CD's.

Cheers for looking.