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Thread: PunBusters (Fantasy section)

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    PunBusters (Fantasy section)

    Hello everybody,

    as you know the whole Games Workshop created background is riddled with puns etc. While some of these puns are (often painfully) obvious, others are not that easy to spot. So I'd like (after asking at the helpdesk first) to set up this thread to try to crack these puns to understand them and to include them into a list of puns/ easter eggs, whatever you want to name it like here:
    (at the moment the explanations are in German, translation to English planned next, once a final structure has been established)

    So here in post 1 will be listed the unsolved ones - once they have been "solved" or explained I will move them to post 2 where an alphabetical list of the already included puns will be found. You can also submit new puns (not self-made ones, only official background!) here, but be warned that I will report any and all spam attempts to the moderators.

    A parallel thread was created in the 40K section for those puns and easter eggs:

    To solve/ suspected puns:
    - Ashrog
    - Richard the Righteous
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