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    Re: PunBusters (Fantasy section)

    Quote Originally Posted by Dwane Diblie View Post
    Hugo le Petit - Huge the Small. A take on Little John along with
    Bertrand the Brigand, Gui le Gros and the Bowmen of Bergerac.

    Morgiana le Fay - Morgan Le Fay (The Fairy) of Arthurian Legend

    There is also the misterious magical Island of Albion which I am sure is supose to be a take on Avalon which is of course the British Isles.

    Of the realms of the world:
    Kislev - Slavik countrys
    The Empire - Germany
    Bretonnia - France under English Rule
    Estalia - Spain
    Talia - Italy
    Araby - North Africa
    Southlands - Africa
    Ind - India
    Cathay - China
    Nippon - Japan
    Naggaroth - North America
    Lustria - South America
    Ulthuan - Atlantis

    Not sure if that is the kind of stuff you are looking for but hey it's there.
    Albion is, surprisingly, Albion. It's an ancient name for England/Britain, possibly derived from the White Cliffs of Dover. We have had a fair few tales about this country - the Giants are linked to Albion in various myths and legends for example.
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