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Thread: HUGE 40k (& Hobbit) release list

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    Re: HUGE 40k (& Hobbit) release list

    Quote Originally Posted by Vovin View Post
    This is likely a wave that comes after the initial codex releases. The list allegedly has only kits that are not currently in mass production. This means that the bulk of the Tau release is in production right now and is released before summer 2013.
    There you go.

    Quote Originally Posted by dæl View Post
    Well, it could be the second wave of a Tau release. Which would put them ahead of Eldar in the release schedule.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beppo1234 View Post
    OP says this stuff won't start dropping till june 2013... so DAs in theory would have been taken care of by then

    Quote Originally Posted by Brother Dimetrius View Post
    Same with CSM. It all fits rather well.

    Quote Originally Posted by Beppo1234 View Post
    wow though, that's a lot of stuff to look forward to

    It all seems to fit in too well with what I know ... not to be right.

    Someone is in so much trouble.
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