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Thread: New to 40K, want to build a Death Korps of Krieg army: Need some Advice

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    New to 40K, want to build a Death Korps of Krieg army: Need some Advice

    For some 13 years I've been playing WHFB but never a single game of 40K. A few days ago I came across some pictures of Death Korps of Krieg minatures and was instantly sold. These models are awesome and I would like to build myself an army very much.

    The models I like best and should be included in an army are:

    - A Centaur
    - The Leman Russ Vanquisher (the trench rail modification and the long gun make this a superb model)
    - A Thudd Gun
    - Perhaps an Earthshaker gun
    - Death Riders
    - Heavy Stubber
    - Autocannon
    - And infantry squads

    Now, as I am completely new to 40K there are a lot of questions which follow:

    - Which basic rulebooks do I need and is there a Krieg rulebook?
    - What is the size of a normal battle/armylist (comparable to 2500 points Fantasy) and thus, how many squads and other units do I need for a good sized game?
    - Can anybody suggest a starter armylist so I know what to buy
    - Is there a cheaper (re-)seller of FW minis or do they have occasional sales? (FW is quite expensive.....)
    - Are there any other models then the ones on the FW site, and are there any regular GW models?
    - Is there a dedicated forum for this army or where should I head if I want to know more?

    Thanks a lot in advance
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