Hey Warseer-ites,

So about 3 years ago i bought a FW command squad, militia arms set + a couple of other things. I called them up last week just getting back into the hobby and the guy was really nice. He told me i should really call within 30 days of receiving it and still managed to send out the command squad plus arms, because the sets prior to that came in mismoulded and broken. Now getting the replacements just now (which was actually really quick), i was going through the parts everything is fine and fixable (bubbles, mouldlines etc) Except this, the commanders plasma gun has a mouldslip and comes out to 2mm. I mainly collect for the purposes of collecting/painting and dont care too much for gaming but this im not too sure whether just do what i can with it (considering they were in fact free models shipped to me in a timely manner, but were replacing faulty ones..). Or just give FW another ring.